After 2 years of research and development, the Perifit team is proud to present an even better version of our iconic product: the Perifit+ !

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Your pelvic floor is a priority

More than 1 billion women have pelvic floor disorders like incontinence or prolapse.

Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor to combat incontinence and pelvic floor issues.

Unfortunately, almost 30% of women perform kegel exercises that are inaccurate or potentially damaging.

Perifit is the only connected device which uses a unique patented double pressure-sensor technology to identify faulty contractions.

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Train and track your progress


You would like to feel confident when laughing, running or even just coughing, but urinary incontinence or prolapse is still a daily struggle. You are interested in improving your sensations and sexual wellbeing. You would like to be helped to recover and heal after childbirth or gynecologic surgery.

Perifit is the ultimate Kegel exercise system, designed to help you heal and strengthen your pelvic floor and regain bladder control with real time biofeedback via the interactive app.

Perifit usage is not advised during pregnancy, as it has not been tested on pregnant women for ethical reasons. If you are currently pregnant, we recommend you perform manual Kegels, and resume Perifit 6 weeks after delivery.


Kegel exercise device

The Perifit device is only 26mm wide. It is designed to comfortably fit all body types and accurately measure your lift strength. Furthermore, each Perifit is made from medical grade silicone. 

After each use, simply wash the Perifit with soap and water. 

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Free Kegel exercises app

The Perifit app gently guides you through your initial training. It provides a clear and simple explanation for every exercise, and a lot of advice for a perfect workout, every time.

training with perifit

The Pelvic floor trainer that is also a game!

Forget about doing confusing Kegel exercises or trying to get through boring, repetitive workouts.

Our Perifit exercises are a series of fun smartphone games that you play by utilizing your pelvic floor muscles. Every level is carefully designed by world-class specialists in pelvic floor disorders.

training with perifit

Five-dimensional analysis of your pelvic floor

Perifit uses proprietary algorithms to assess your personal pelvic floor performance against five key metrics: strength, endurance, frequency, release and accuracy.

This allows the virtual coach to train you using a set of custom-designed Kegel exercises for faster improvement.

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Female Health specialists were involved in every step of the design process, and many doctors recommend Perifit to their patients. Perifit is the best Kegel exerciser on the market and it will bring you quick and long-lasting results. It will help you prevent disorders and regain bladder control, core strength and tightness.

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