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Facile, ludique et rapide

5minutes par jour, lavage de la sonde compris. Très visuel, des explications supplémentaires sont disponibles. J'adore avoir les comparatifs du jour précédent. Les jeux sont variés. J'en ai acheté un pour une amie.

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Games make it doable

It really helps with knowing that you’re squeezing where you should be and not wasting your time guessing that you’re going it right. The games make it more enjoyable and doable. The long battery life is fab so knowing it’s ready to go when you are without charging it is really great .. even if you can only fit In 15 minutes… I’d definitely recommend this device. I’ve bought others in the past to help with kegel exercises but never felt I was getting it right so it’s great that you don’t feel like your wasting your time and my pelvic floor is getting stronger :)

I’m loving it

Absolutely awesome. It’s suck a fun way of helping get stronger. 👍🏻😁💜


Apparently, I’ve been doing Kegels wrong this whole time! But now I get immediate visual biofeedback when I squeeze, and it helps SO much. The video games are so much fun—you can even play Pong with your hoo-hah!! I’m getting better and stronger every day!

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Love it!

The games are fun and really help. I’m struggling with the tunnel game though, that’s very hard! But I’ll persevere and hopefully get better. It’s nice just having 10-15 mins to myself to just relax and know that I’m doing something that will help massively.

Duda sobre la batería

He leído que la batería no se recarga y se debe desechar, cuando esto pasa, que procede? Cuánto tiempo de duración tiene la batería con el uso indicado?

So easy!

I should have gotten one of these earlier. It’s fun and easy to do and it only takes 5-10 mins a day in the privacy your own home. Thanks Perifit!

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Great little thing!

I didn't have any issues with leaking, but I bought this to improve my sexual health, and with just one month of use, I can already see great results! It's super fun and the best part for me is the feedback. I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their pelvic floor health.

Such a clever little device

I can't believe how much time I've wasted on Kegel exercises that don't actually do much good! This device and app is brilliant showing evaluating your muscles and showing you which one you are using and which you should actually be using. it's fun too, you want to progress to the next level of each game.

If you're having 2nd thoughts....i can honestly say its the best investment I've made for my pelvic floor.

Definitely all round improvement

Doing my regular perifit exercises, four times a week minimum of 10 minutes amazing improvement in my control, and additionally sexual satisfaction would highly recommend this

Fun and easy to use

Fun and easy to use

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit

Life changing!

Finding the right time and location to pump was a big struggle for me. Being a working mother who is constantly on the move, I discovered that I wasn't pumping as regularly or as long as I should have been in order to supply my baby with enough milk. Due to the cost and my slight skepticism about how well it would operate, I hesitated to buy, but it has exceeded my expectations. Now I can pump wherever and continue to work. My Simone pump allows me to wear it for up to 30 minutes instead of the 10-15 minutes I could with my Spectra. With your hands free, you can move around, work, dine, wash dishes, or do anything else. It really is liberating. Additionally, I can now pump longer and anyplace.


It is well worth the money spent on this pump to be able to pump while doing tasks like the endless loads of laundry a newborn generates or even just when doing errands during the limited amount of time you get to spend outside the house and away from the baby.

Game changing

I dreaded pumping as I got ready for the birth of my second kid. I have vivid memories of spending hours chained to the sink and scrubbing pump components. My second child would be breastfed, and I would never pump. That would entail switching to formula when it was time to return to work. My first business travel was planned for just one month after giving birth. Breastfeeding was going well as the date drew near, which made me sad but also resolute that I would never again be a pump slave. the Simone, please. I looked into a product after seeing a few clever advertisements that sounded too wonderful to be true. A pump that met MY requirements I placed the pump's order and stopped there.


I adore my Simone Pump so much! I can pump however I want! bending over, doing the dishes, lying down, rocking the baby, changing diapers, and cleaning. I haven't yet come across anything I couldn't do. It's incredible.


I've had a good experience with this product.


The convenience of tubeless and cordless pumping is great!!


I can’t how quickly my pelvic floor has toned up, I love the way it tells you estimated duration time with results if you use it regularly. My best Christmas present to myself.


Huge improvement already less than 30 days in.
Was hopeful but am very impressed with the games and motivating progress updates.

Fun and challenging

Best Christmas gift I received in a long time. I am a believer in full body fitness, and this was certainly the one aspect I was lacking an excercise regimen for, but no longer! For as little as 5mins a day/4 days a week, you can achieve pelvic floor control.

Portability is key

I spent ages researching different pumps. I was worried nothing would match up to the suction of the hospital grade (but heavy and clunky) pumps. I’m so glad I went for the Simone. Suction is just right, portability is key!